Top tips to care for your swimwear.

Our swimwear uses high quality fabric and is designed with integrity, with the correct care it will last summer after summer, adventure after adventure.

Always wash your swimwear using cold or cool water, this prevents damage and also decreases the likelihood of micro fibre particles being shed (these are not bueno for the environment).

We tend to rinse our bikinis out in the shower with a little bit of gentle, natural soap or shower gel (strong soaps containing chemicals will degrade the fabric).

Never put your bikini in a dryer! Rather, hang it to dry in a shady spot and let nature do the work.

Avoid hanging directly in the sun as UV rays will damage the fabric.

If you get sand trapped inside your swimwear, soak it in a bowl of cold water over night and rinse several times in the morning under the shower or a tap. This usually does the trick.